The Search For A Home

This house was built in 1900

This house was built in 1900

I have been on a hunt for a house. So many to look at. There are all sorts of sizes, ages and neighborhoods. I am starting to get an idea of the kind of place I could call home. I was surprised to learn that I don’t want a newly built house. They have no character. They are big and flashy with all the latest amenities, but no real depth. If I had a million dollars I would not buy a house that was worth a million or even a half a million. I would buy the old, small one. The fixer-upper. I like redemption. I like building and restoring. I would purposely buy one that needed some renovation. Who wants to live in brand new house where you slowly watch everything deteriorate when you could live in a house that you could renovate and slowly watch it turn into something beautiful?! Yup, that’s what I want. The old fixer-upper. The one with character. The one that has stood the test of time. Good thing I live in an area of the country where most of the homes are 200 years old.


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